07 July 2017

What is my role as Club PRO?

Club Communication is Key.

Brendan Farrell


So your club achieved something big. That’s great, but club communication is your next step.

The role of a PRO has many facets. It stretches so much further than just sending out a few social media posts and e-mails. Communication with various parties both internally and externally is massively important.

In the past, channels of communication were very limited. Local newspapers were the main media for updates but this also provided a lack of PRO control in terms of what was printed. There are endless channels through which to spread your message but the more channels you choose to work with, the more work it entails.

A successful club is not just one who wins titles. It’s also one that shows vibrancy when someone looks up their digital presence or when people drive through the gate for training. Clubs have more and more competition from other codes so it’s important that they portray a professional presence both with facilities and online presence in:

  • attracting new members, and
  • keeping the members they have.

The role of the PRO is of great importance in portraying this image.


The role also affects how members engage and play a part and is the glue that holds your community together. It’s no secret that the digital world has taken over in the last few years through social media and smart phones. However, these tools only enable club communication to be even more efficient and widespread.

The image that PRO’s portray online can affect their ability to get sponsorship deals. A lot of sponsors nowadays look for a return for sponsorship. The PRO needs some analytics to say x amount of eyeballs are visiting the website and seeing ads.

The breakdown of roles include:


Fundraising Committees

Identify a cause that you need to improve in your club. Who are your fundraising committee? Why do you need the money? Once you have established this, people will be more likely to give if they see that the money is going to a worthy cause but regular meetings here are key.

Engage with other officers

It is pivotal to have regular communication with other officers. It is the easiest way to keep abreast of updates yourself. Whether it be financial performance, fundraising events or even annual general meetings with all members, you play a central role in making sure everybody is aware. The more you engage with them, the more likely they will be to help you and keep you updated.


Engage with team managers

While it is obviously important for PROs to attend fixtures and events, it is impossible for them to attend everything. This is where you need to build up relationships with team managers. The more you’re on their side, the more they can assist you in providing match reports and regular updates. You will need them.


Without players, there is no club. Members are not only key to competing but also are the main source of revenue through membership. A good PRO must always keep members updated with fixtures, results and news. This even applies to fundraising events and getting members to get involved.

Other PROs

Are there any regional PROs that you need to provide results to in a timely manner? You have the responsibility of keeping these individuals up to date with your activities as they have the task of updating to a wider audience.


It is important to keep regular communication and give credit to volunteers who selflessly give their time for the good of the club. These people play a massive role in day-to-day organisation so make sure you give something back.


Historical Documents and Media Pieces

These can make for very effective social media posts as well. People love a memory. Remember the time we won the cup? Or documents from when the club was founded? It gets people talking and reminiscing. You can even post articles and pictures on the walls.



Guest Visits

We regularly see trophy visits along with interviews with big names. This attracts people who are not even members. It’s up to you to welcome people and make them feel at home. Portraying a goodimage can lead to new members in the future who would like to play for somebody that knows what they’re doing and is professional.


Supporters are also members and are obviously very keen to keep up to date with events. Your role here is to ensure they are kept up to date. The easiest way possible is through our purple app. Imagine if these updates were as easy as writing a text message. Well they are that easy!



It’s vital to keep parents informed of all fixtures, training and any activity that requires a child’s attendance. They are also obviously responsible for their child’s membership payments and a lot of travel so you do not want them on the wrong side. This can also help word of mouth promotion and increased juvenile membership. Parents talk to each other.


Obviously a great channel for promotion to a large audience, the media includes national and local newspapers and specific magazines covering your sport. Clearly this is a massive opportunity to portray updates to a very large audience.


Think outside the box

Finally, think outside the box. What events are happening in your locality that you can get involved in?