18 July 2023

Setting up a Club Lotto

Tips and Guidelines for setting up and running an effective Lotto for your club.

Aidan Quilligan


Declan Murphy


In recent years, the Club Lotto has become a significant source of income for sports clubs. However, setting up a Club Lotto can be a challenging task. To ensure success, it’s essential to take the lottery seriously, run it professionally, and be consistent in your approach. In this article, we will outline some tips and guidelines for setting up a Club Lotto.

Consistency Is Key

Lotteries are most effective when they are consistent and run all year round. Running your lotto on a weekly basis ensures that more people hear about it, and the club generates a more substantial income from it. Lotteries are an ideal way to increase revenue within the club, whether it’s for general expenses or for a special project such as new pitches, dressing rooms, or floodlights.

Take it Seriously

A trustworthy committee and competent people are essential when setting up a Club Lotto. Mistakes will not go down well with members, and if the lottery is not run professionally, you may see a fluctuation in the number of people entering the lotto. Therefore, it’s essential to have competent people involved in overseeing payments, whether that’s through cash or online.

Getting Started: Licensing

Licensing is a critical step in setting up a Club Lotto. You need a license, which you must renew every two years. Without a license, you cannot run a club lotto, and clubs have had their lottery shut down by letting their licenses expire.

Getting a license is a relatively straightforward process conducted through an application to your local District Court. We advise using the services of a local solicitor to make the application. Most clubs have someone they can call on to do this. It is important to remember that it can take anywhere from 60 to 90 days for your license to be granted so bear that in mind when planning your launch.

Determine The Rules & How Members Can Enter

When it comes to setting up a sports club lottery, one important aspect is to determine the rules and how members can enter. Many clubs opt for popular options like selecting four numbers from a pool of 28 or 32 balls, with a cost of around two euros per line. Some clubs offer discounted full year options to members during their annual membership renewal, which can provide an additional revenue boost for the club It’s important to consider the jackpot amount, which can range from €1,000 up to €30,000, as higher jackpots tend to attract more customers. Secondary cash prizes like a night away in a hotel can also be an incentive to attract more people to enter the lottery.

Set The Day Of The Draw

Most clubs opt for Sunday or Monday, but the most important thing is to pick a consistent day and time of the draw, so the club members know when it will take place. It is important to stick to this day over a long period of time, even when enthusiasm starts to dwindle.

Promote The Lotto On & Offline

Like anything it is essential to promote the Lotto across the various social media channels. Before announcing the Lotto include the key details such as the jackpot, prices and what day and time it takes place. Vary the posts keep them creative. You can spread through team management, across WhatsApp and the club’s website.

Often clubs broadcast the Lotto through the Facebook live which can be an effective way for members and supporters to witness and interact with the draw.

Place posters with QR codes across shops, pubs, and restaurants around the community to increase participation.

Conduct The Draw

Finally, it’s time to conduct the draw. Make sure you follow all the regulations set out by the National Lottery Regulator, including the use of random number generators, and ensuring that the draw is conducted fairly and transparently. Once the draw is complete, notify the winners and distribute the prizes.

When the Jackpot is high - Entries are high…

We all like to win! So, to encourage participation, make sure that there is a meaningful jackpot. The participation levels will increase in-line with the jackpot size.

Importantly, when Jackpots are won, and return to the starting Jackpot we tend to see a lot of people drop off. To protect against this, it is essential to get your players on recurring payments, so they are in every week irrespective of the Jackpot amount.

Re-engage your lapsed subscribers…

As you can imagine, over time your entry list will get quite long, and people will drop out. Clubs don’t have the time to comb through the records and reactivate lapsed subscriptions.

Now they don’t have to. ClubZap’s lotto campaign manager will engage with everyone who has ever participated in your lotto, encouraging them to get signed up again and support their club.

This is a completely automated process, it removes the time, effort and thinking out of the lotto campaign management. So clubs have little to do only sit back and watch their entries increase over time.

Be Pro-Active About Renewals…

We all lead busy lives and have a million things to worry about. Subscription renewals can often be left on the long-finger, and over time just elapse. The ClubZap lotto tool provides members with advance warning that their existing subscription is about to expire and provides reminders and prompts that help them sign up again, and also to enable auto-renewal so they can support their club.

How Can ClubZap Help?

ClubZap’s Lotto Campaign Manager will take all the heavy lifting out of your lotto management process. It will automate this process as much as possible through reminders and notifications to all members of the club about the jackpot and the upcoming lotto, all while facilitating the set-up of recurring payment options for members, and help with online promotions.

Clubs using ClubZap save time and money, letting them focus their resources on other vital aspects of the club. ClubZap will allow sports clubs move closer to becoming ‘cashless organisations’, eliminating confusion.

In one-click people will be able to enter the draw for the lotto whether it’s directly through the ClubZap mobile app, the club’s website or social media.