31 October 2023

New Feature: Image Sharing

ClubZap chat groups now with support for IMAGE SHARING.

Declan Murphy


This week we’re delighted to announce the release of image sharing within chat groups on ClubZap. Since we launched ClubZap chat groups in 2020, it has been the most utilised feature of our mobile application with hundreds of thousands of monthly active users relying on it to know when their next training or game is on. Without a doubt, the most requested feature within chat groups has been media sharing and, more specifically, image sharing. Coaches want to share photos of the team, screenshots of team selections, game statistics and, of course, what treasures lie in the lost and found this week.

The key to the popularity of ClubZap Chat has been its positive impact on the time-poor volunteers who are the backbone of clubs. Volunteer coaches find that they spend as much time on administration tasks as they do on actual coaching and have been shown to discourage volunteering within clubs. ClubZap Chat takes away all of the pain of notifying players about events, checking availability, tracking attendance and collecting payments letting coaches focus on what really matters, coaching!

Starting today, group admins can now share images in their groups and, once people update to the latest version of the app, all your players, parents and other coaches can view those images. It’s no different from using WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or other similar messaging applications.

Image Sharing Image Sharing in Action

We have long been wanting to add this feature to the application and our team are so delighted to finally show it to you. Some of you may also have helped in the process through our user research surveys and user interviews. We would like to thank all of you who participated for your help and we hope you enjoy using the feature you helped to shape. That said, the ClubZap application will never reach final completion and are already working on what’s coming next. If you would like to help us to shape what’s coming next please sign up to our user research user group here and we will be in touch when our next research session is about to begin.

Photo of Team The Team at our recent Dublin conference.

ClubZap’s mission as a company is to maximise the impact of sports clubs in their communities. We are all active in clubs across Ireland, the UK, France and Canada and watching the success of those organisations (both on and off the pitch) inspires us in our work. It makes us sad when we see coaches and club administrators bogged down in boring administrative work and not on the pitch / court doing what they love. We will never stop innovating ways to make that experience better.

Here’s to what comes next.