30 January 2024

How to Attract Sponsors and Provide them with Value

Tips on how your club can gain long-term partnerships with your potential sponsors

Declan Murphy


Sponsorship plays a crucial role in the success and sustainability of sports clubs. The financial support provided by sponsors can contribute towards covering a club’s expenses such as jerseys, gym equipment, facility maintenance and upgrades, travel costs, coaching staff salaries, and more.

Successful sports club sponsorships often result from building strong, mutually beneficial relationships.

So let us take a look at how your club can attract sponsors and provide them with value!

Choosing Who to Approach

First things first, choose carefully who you approach to sponsor your club. It’s important to research and develop knowledge of all the potential sponsors. Choose a sponsor with positive customer reviews that you feel fits the ethos and values of your club and won’t damage its name. Possibly look for sponsors with an interest in sports, health or simply the development of the community.

Most sponsors will get involved because they want to support their club and local community rather than for purely commercial reasons. Local business owners who have a connection to the club or may have relatives currently playing could be the most interested in contributing to the club. So maybe it’s best to approach local businesses first before you start targeting multinational corporations!

If your club is looking for several sponsors, be sure to avoid those that may directly compete with each other in the same market. Finally, seek financially stable sponsors who may be interested in a long-term relationship rather than a short-term one.


Talk About Your Club

It’s important for any sponsor to know the history of your club and what it does. Tell them valuable club information such as its history, achievements, number of members and supporters and the club’s role in the community and how the sponsorship can be part of this contribution.

It’s important to put together a presentation outlining the different sponsorship packages available to accommodate various budgets. The presentation should include the club’s goals and objectives while also listing out all the different benefits that will be attached to the sponsorship and in turn what you will need from them.

Remember you may be competing with other local clubs looking for support, so it is important that you really sell your club’s idea to the sponsor.


Showcase Your Sponsors on the ClubZap App

With a digital platform like ClubZap, you now have clear indicators of how many times a sponsor’s name and logo are seen. This creates an incentive for a sponsor to come on board with your club because in most cases the target audience for a sponsor are the people in a club. With ClubZap, clubs can now provide engagement metrics from their digital platforms back to their sponsors.

Provided you are an administrator for your club, you can manage sponsors and adverts in the ClubZap app. There are 4 advertising slots available at the top of your ClubZap website for promoting events, membership and your sponsors. Each club can see monthly app opens on their dashboard so if they have a sponsor on the top of their newsfeed, the app will be able to tell how many times a brand has been seen. This is also similar in the news article section of our app.


Clubs can also promote sponsors on the ClubZap app, providing value for the sponsor, club, and its members. See below how Ballyboden GAA promoted its sponsor, Sports Surgery Clinic.


The sponsor’s logo can also be presented at the foot of your ClubZap website with an interactive link to their website or social media page.


See here more information on how to manage sponsors and adverts on your ClubZap website and app.

Utilise Your County/Elite Players

Using local stars/role models from your club can be an effective strategy in announcing and promoting your club sponsor. These stars will tend to have a strong connection to the local community and have a positive image which can help to build credibility for your sponsor. Utilising these stars through a launch or announcement can be a great way to show your sponsor that your club acknowledges and appreciates their contribution to the club.

Be sure to promote the launch through your club’s social media channels and other local media like newspapers and radio stations. Also, conduct engaging videos and interviews with your local stars where they can illustrate how the new sponsorship will have a positive effect on the club and the local community. This will only create a positive brand image for the sponsor while having a more meaningful resonance with the sponsor’s target market. These interviews and videos can then be shared to your local star’s social media channels thus increasing reach and engagement for your sponsors.


Use Experts Within Your Club to Add Value

We are now living in a world where digital creation is at the fore with the advancements in technology, creative tools, and online platforms. The younger generation especially, has adapted to these digital technologies and acquired the skills to create engaging and expressive content across their personal and professional platforms.

Every club will most likely have members who are skilled in videography, photography, designing, etc. Be sure to utilise these members to add value to your club and its sponsorship. Creating high-quality promotional videos or images leverages the partnership between your club and sponsorship. The visually appealing content can also resonate with your members, encouraging them to interact with both parties.

Highlight Benefits Sponsors will Receive

Even though local businesses may support your club out of goodwill and because of your club’s attachment to the local community, it’s still important to outline the benefits they will receive from their sponsorship. Benefits can be through logo placement on jerseys, advertising boards at the club, access to tickets to club events and other promotional benefits.

Also, make sure to utilise your club’s social media and website in showcasing the sponsors by regularly featuring their logo, highlighting the support they give to the club and sharing updates on the partnership.

Finally, emphasise how supporting your club will enhance the sponsor’s brand image and recognition, and reach a broader audience based in the community. Sponsoring a local sports club can also contribute to positive public relations and showcase the business’s ambition to support local initiatives!


Treat Them Well

Once you have secured a sponsorship, it is important to treat them well. A well-treated sponsor is more likely to be a committed and supportive partner in the long run.

Provide them with tickets to matches or invitations to special events and always acknowledge their contributions. This can be done through various media, such as newsletters, social media and the club website.

Also, it is important to give sponsors regular updates on how their money is being spent while making sure to provide them with reports based on exposure, engagement, and any other relevant metrics.

It’s also important to keep sponsors informed about the club’s activities, achievements, and upcoming events. Regular communication helps strengthen the relationship and keeps sponsors engaged. Express your appreciation for their support and demonstrate the impact their sponsorship has had on the success of the club.


Overall, the benefits to sponsors in sports clubs extend beyond mere financial support, providing opportunities for enhanced visibility, targeted marketing, community engagement, and positive public relations. Successful sponsorships are often those that benefit both the sports club and the sponsoring business.

So, let us know how your club embarks on getting a club sponsor!